Choose The Right Stand For A 42 Inch Lcd TV

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With the advancement in technology, the televisions are also getting bigger and better. In today’s world, a 42 inch LCD TV is considered a normal TV for home entertainment. A 42 inch LCD TV needs an appropriate and reliable stand to support it or you can choose to mount it on the wall. You will find that many of the 42 inch LCD TV’s come with a proper stand and in some cases you have to buy the stand separately. I found that most of the discounted 42 inch LCD TV models didn’t offer a stand with it. If the manufacturer of your 42 inch LCD TV offers a stand that suits your style and matches the interior of your room, then it’s the best deal.

If you are not looking to mount and choose to place your 42 inch LCD TV on a stand, you will need a stand that can handle its weight. A 42 inch LCD TV is heavy, before buying a stand for your TV, you should check if the stand meets the strength and weight requirements of your purchased TV. To see the requirements for the stand of the 42 inch LCD TV, you should read the owner’s manual. Most of the 42 inch LCD TVs differ from each other in weight and other aspects so reading owner’s manual to see the requirements is necessary.

Here are a few other things that need to be considered besides strength, to make sure you enjoy your time spent in front of your 42 inch LCD TV.

1. You have to decide if you want your TV stand to hold other audio-visual equipment. You may be using a gaming console, cable converter, DVD player or a home theater and you will want that your TV stand has a space for them too. When looking to buy a stand for your 42 inch LCD TV, search for one that has compartments and shelves for extra equipment that you already own or will buy in future.

2. When looking to buy a stand, find out if the height is appropriate. Most of the TV stands are designed to an appropriate viewing height for average people.

3. Make sure if the stand is a closed cabinet; it should have integrated cable management. Also be sure to see if the stand has enough space to hide all the cables.

The stand you choose to buy for your 42 inch LCD TV should match with the interiors of your room. After all, should enjoy your TV when it is turned off too!


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