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Portable Mp3 players are the best invention in today’s world. Portable Mp3 player is the best way to carry your favorite music along. Portable Mp3 players can store tons of music files in them and are very small in size. Mp3 players are good entertainment for travelers; you can carry them in your pocket. I too have a portable mp3 player that doesn’t leave me bored when I am traveling and it is so light weight that I hardly notice it.

If you wish to buy a portable mp3 player, there are tons of different models to choose from. Read mp3 player reviews to get any help regarding them. Portable Mp3 players have internal storage ranging from 512MB to 40GB or more.

The first mp3 players were the mp3 compatible CD players. They were a hit as an mp3 disk could store 10 times more than an audio CD. The mp3 player that has inbuilt micro drive or hard drive, has the largest storage capacity of all mp3 players available.

Categories of portable mp3 players

Mostly mp3 players are categorized by the amount of storage capacity. The common music files supported by mp3 players are mp3 and wma.

Flash memory mp3 players are common and popular. They have storage capacity ranging from 256 MB to 4 GB, which can easily store hundreds of music files. These flash memory mp3 players are very easy to use.

Micro drive mp3 players have storage capacity ranging from 5 GB to 10 GB, which is a lot more than that of the flash memory mp3 players. Then comes the hard drive based mp3 players that have the largest storage capacity.

These days you can find a lot of features that come with mp3 players like ease of grouping and sorting music tracks, FM radio, voice recording and playback.

The newer models of MP3 Players have color screens which are able to play high quality videos. Some of the mp3 player models support Ogg Vorbis, wma and AAC files. These mp3 players have audio preset selection function as well as 3 band to 5 band equalizers. These players are also shock-resistant and very light in weight and can be enjoyed while jogging or exercising.

If you want to buy a portable mp3 player, at first think of how much storage capacity you need, then look for what all features you want with them. After deciding your requirements, check your budget. To experience crystal clear music with noise-canceling and bass, you should look for some well-known companies like Sony, Philips and Apple.


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