What Consumer Electronics Are Hot For Christmas

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Consumer electronics make great gifts for the Holidays for both women and men. Prices of many consumer electronics and devices have been falling. Pick a couple up for gifts this season for the techy in the family.

One of the fastest growing fields of consumer electronics and gadgets is Smartphones. Today there are many to choose from offering anything and everything you want in a PC compacted into a phone. Making just phone calls from your mobile phone is a thing of the past. The Droid phones and Blackberry Storm are well-liked by today’s youth crowd.

Highly portable and low-power mobile computers known as Netbooks are inexpensive and very trendy this year. They don’t necessarily have the computing power of high end PCs, they are perfect for the consumer that uses web browsing, light gaming capabilities and simply listening to music. If you have children, these are great for starter computers. Samsung and Acer are leading the pack with Netbooks.

A wish list item for the man of the house is a flat screen television. They are finally reasonably priced along with plasma televisions. Even the larger flat screens are now affordable. Vizio is a manufacturer that has popped into the field with reliable displays and prices that most well-known manufacturers fail to compete with. Vizio is successfully making a name for themselves in the field of flat screen LCD televisions.

Videogame systems are still trendy and well liked. If you have a gamer on the list you won’t go wrong with purchasing these consumer electronics. However, the opposite has occurred with this field, instead of prices falling, they are rising. The rise in gaming prices can be attributed to development and promotion of new gaming titles. Admired systems still comprise the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 and the Nintendo’s Wii.

In the past year E-readers have become a must have for bookworms. This wonderful consumer electronic incorporates going green with the joy of having whatever book you desire at your fingertips at anytime. You can store thousands of books in this consumer electronic. The Amazon Kindle E-reader provides the ability to download blogs and newspapers. Other E-readers that have taken a front seat are the Sony Reader and Barnes and Noble Nook.

These are only a few of the top consumer electronics that will be popular this Holiday Season. Make your family have a Merry Christmas by purchasing some of these trendy pieces of consumer electronics.


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