Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson vacuum cleaners stand out from other vacuum cleaners in several ways. Their appearance is different from the average vacuum cleaner. There are many triggers, buttons and hoses on the vacuum. All of the Dyson vacuums have virtually the same parts. The vacuum is designed to be used with little effort to effectively clean your upholstery and carpet to your ultimate satisfaction. How to use the Dyson is trouble-free and uncomplicated.

Stand behind the handle of the vacuum with the vacuum standing upright. By looking over the top of the vacuum you can identify your power button. The button appears as if it has a minus sign in the center of the button.

Plug in the Dyson vacuum. Pull the handle back by stepping on the base and push on the power button. The Dyson moves effortlessly back and forth across your carpet to pick up dirt and debris.

Scores of vacuums have brush control, including the Dyson. If your model does have the brush control option, it will be located beside the power button. It should have an image of a brush bar located on the button. By pushing the button you make the brush bar stop spinning. This allows you to clean your throw rugs with the Dyson vacuum without snagging them or clean your hardwood floors.

To clean your upholstery, you need to use the hose on the vacuum. Behind the power button is a quick draw button for the hose accessory to be used. The button is usually the color of your vacuum. Pull out the hose and push the quick draw button. Push the handle of the vacuum up while pushing the button for the hose. Continue pushing the handle up until the metal tube pops out, this means the suction has been transferred from the main vacuum to the hose.

The hose can be used for upholstery cleaning as well as areas that contain tight spots, like stair corners. There are attachments contained with the Dyson vacuum for your hose.

Emptying the canister for the Dyson is uncomplicated. The canister must be removed from the main vacuum. Locate the button that has an image of a padlock. Push back on the button at the same time you’re removing the canister. There is a trigger located on the canister that releases the dirt and debris while holding it over your trash can. There is a max line contained on the canister to indicate it has reached maximum capacity for debris and garbage. Make sure to empty the canister regularly, especially if it’s reached the maximum line to verify you’re getting the greatest cleaning capacity from the Dyson vacuum.

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is an excellent investment for your money!


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