Inexpensive Gas Grills That Have Warranties

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Barbecue grilling is one of America’s favorite pastimes. Summer isn’t summer without grilling out. America has separated into two camps for grilling, charcoal and gas. Gas grills are becoming the more popular choice because unlike charcoal, you don’t have to wait for the gas to heat up to the correct temperature. There are many inexpensive great gas grills on the market today that include warranties.

If you are looking for a portable compact gas grill, the Weber Q-200 is offering 12,000 BTU. The Weber Q-200 has a cooking area exceeding 280 square inches. It features a push button ignition, sturdy cast aluminum body and lid. Able to hold the heat, this gas grill features a porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate. The gas grill has a handy removable catch pan to make cleaning stress-free after a day of camping. The only undesirable aspect of the Weber Q-200 gas grill is its weight at 45 pounds. If you choose to utilize the grill during cold months, it has problems generating heat. At less than $200 it is a fairly good buy. The gas grill does provide a limited warranty. However, the Weber website doesn’t make available much information on the gas grill, such as how long the warranty is good for.

Many barbecue fans enjoy a multiple burner gas grill. The Brinkmann 4 Burner Gas Grill, model number 810-8411-5 is packed with tools that can deliver meals to crowds of barbecue fans. The grill has the capability to produce 48,000 BTUs with cooking areas that exceed 630 square inches. With two side burners that produce 12,000 BTUs, a large meal for a crowd is no contest for this gas grill. At just under $200, a warranty is included. Contact the customer service for Brinkmann to determine the warranty information.

A gas grill supplying 69,000 BTU has been manufactured by Blue Ember. Their grill number FG50069 is high performing with three separate burners. The burners include one large burner, an infrared rotisserie and a smaller side dish burner. This gas grill exhibits 675 inches of over-all cooking surface. The 675 inches is divided into 500 square inches for cooking and 175 for warming. You can smoke on the grill with a built in smoker box and LED lights for after daylight cooking. Weighing 175 pounds, it must be put together after purchase. Price is estimated at $450 for the Blue Ember. The warranty information is unavailable on Blue Ember’s website, but contact customer service for warranty information.

If an inexpensive gas grill is what you’re looking for, these three grills are a best buy.


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