Best Gas Grills For Consumers

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Approximately over half of grills purchased now are gas grills. The charcoal grill is turning into a thing of the past. Many different gas grills are offered on the market today which can make choosing a gas grill overwhelming. Comparing grills for the best price, warranties and burners is something that every consumer should do before buying the gas grill that fits your needs best.

There are many grills available with several different burner options. Don’t overspend on a gas grill with three burners when one is sufficient for your needs. However, if you tend to grill several different meats at once when you barbecue, then make certain you have enough burners to get the job done. Many people get caught up in the flair of the grill instead of the actual functionality. Consider saving your money by paying less for a functional grill that lacks some of the flair, such as a Ducane 545.

When comparing features also review the gas grill warranties for what you’re spending your money for. Buying a less expensive gas grill may not be worth it if you don’t have an adequate warranty to cover your grill in the years you will use your grill. There are very expensive grills that come with lifetime warranties. The Broilmaster P3BL has a lifetime warranty on all of its apparatuses. Some gas grills offer free assembly.

Research reviews on grills you’re considering purchasing. The Weber Genesis E-310 was named the best gas grill by Consumer Search. It contains three heating burners and shelf space. With various warranties it is priced at approximately $650. The warranties span between two to twenty five years depending upon the component of the grill. The Fiesta Blue Ember Outdoor Gas Barbecue Grill was chosen by Consumer Guide as the best gas grill. You receive three burners as well as a smoker box. There is a seven year warranty on the burners and the parts are covered for two years.

Gas grills have various sizes. Most are large. However, there are circumstances where size matters and you need a small grill. The Weber Q-200 is Consumer Search’s choice. This Weber Q-200 is about $175 and includes cooking grates that are cast iron along with two side tables. This small wonder is perfect for camping and tailgating. Consumer Guide’s favorite was the Coleman RoadTrip Pro SS Grill 9928-A60. The Coleman also includes two side shelves along with a hood temperature gauge.

Purchasing a large gas grill is an investment that should be considered. An important consideration is the warranty that accompanies your gas grill. A good warranty can provide a peace of mind for your purchase.


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