When Trouble Shooting Remote Control Issues Check Your Batteries First

A remote control is found in just about every home in America. It’s essential to home entertainment systems or for households that have several different technology gadgets like DVDs or CD players in addition to their television sets. However, problems do occur with battery operated gadgets especially remote controls.

Always verify that your remote control batteries are installed correctly. Many remotes take AA batteries. It’s best to have new AA batteries. When inserting batteries into your remote control make sure that you match the plus and minus signs correctly. The plus (+) and minus (-) should be matched inside the remote to the plus and minus signs located in the device and the plus and minus signs that are found on the AA batteries. Reattach your battery cover after you insert your new batteries.

Verify you don’t have any obstacles obstructing the product you’re trying to use the remote to control. The remote censor must have a clear unobstructed line of site to be effective. The range to be effective for the majority of remotes is approximately 26 feet from the front and 13 feet from the sides.

Press the appropriate button on the remote control for selection of the television TV (television), AV (audiovisual) or HMDI component of the television.

You may have to reset the remote if the television doesn’t respond to the remote control signal. To reset your remote, remove the batteries and unplug your television. Leave the television unplugged for a minimum of five minutes. Press down on all of your remote buttons while the television is unplugged. Plug the television back in, replace the batteries in your remote and hit your power button.

Many remote problems are caused by user error, such as insertion of batteries, if you’re out of range of the television or television component. Incorrect programming of the remote can provide issues. Always consult your remote guide for trouble shooting options if you have eliminated battery issues.

If you haven’t used your remote for an extended period of time, its best to install new batteries before use. Keep remotes away from heat sources. Dropping the remote control or allowing it to get wet can also cause the remote to not work properly.

Battery operated equipment can be temperamental. You can receive “bad” batteries that were manufactured with errors and don’t work correctly. You can receive batteries from the store that have been on the shelf longer than the recommended shelf life. When facing issues with a battery operated device or the remote control, always verify the batteries are the area of issue before anything else.

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