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Both are flat panel televisions, plasma and LCD televisions and most people couldn’t tell you the difference. However, there are viable differences between the LCD and plasma. For general comparison, plasma screens can exhibit black much deeper than LCD televisions. There are other differences and some of those are outlined here.

Flat LCD HDTVs were formerly restricted to certain sizes that are no longer true. LCD HDTVs can be as much as 65 inches on average. LCD television reviews also indicate they have improved on their color reflection of levels of the color black. However, they are still not at the plasma screen television levels.

LCD televisions are still continually more expensive than plasma televisions of the same size. Plasma televisions are produced and sold by fewer manufactures and has fewer selections of screen size. Currently the smallest plasma television you can purchase is 42 inches. On the other hand LCD televisions are accessible in a much wider variety of sizes which makes it easier to find an LCD to match all different budgets.

Rear projection televisions provide an even larger screen. However, they aren’t as thin and are not able to be mounted on the wall. Rear projection televisions are not very common anymore and are harder to find for sale.

If you’re searching for the most inclusive informer for LCD Television reviews, it is CNET. CNET’s reviews and reports for televisions go into comprehensive depth and include many different makes and models. However, they do have a tendency to have their reports focusing on more expensive LCD Televisions. commonly completes detailed and qualified testing of LCD Television picture and sound superiority. is one of the rare sources that do evaluate smaller screen televisions. They test more LCD Televisions than any other reviewing source and do a phenomenal job of reviewing the higher end budget televisions falling short of CNETs reviewing resources. falls short because they only summarize the televisions performance in only a couple of short paragraphs.

If you enjoy technical details, take a look at, it cannot be beaten.’s technical information cannot be surpassed but it’s so detailed the average person reviewing the information may be left confused and bewildered.

Another great source for reviews and comparisons of LCD Televisions are forums and blogs. These are usually actual users that have purchased and used the different types of TVs. User reviews at or is also a great resource.


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