Benefits of E-Mail Marketing.

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At present the Internet continue growing at breakneck speed as compared with other industries. There are millions of new technologies, utilities and new ideas constantly flooding the World Wide Web, some of them earning worldwide popularity. New types of social networks, like micro-blogging, Twitter, Google, Buzz, have now become more and more popular. All these things provide any business proprietor with mighty tools for engaging in dialogue with their target audience and maintaining a sustainable relationship as well as keeping them posted about the new features of their business. There are also some tricks alternatives to E-mail Marketing, such as RSS, with the help of which you can sign up for all sorts of mailings, information feeds, etc. But, to say the truth, would all these features fully and suitably replace the E-Mail Marketing? Social Networks. There are now thousands of people in the whole world using social networks, and many of them practically live online. It is a huge trend! But, does Social Network Marketing really have enough importance over the Internet to entirely displace E-Mail Marketing? Let’s figure it out. One of the most important indicators while promoting your business is to advertise to your special-purpose audience. It won’t bring you any results if you’re promoting your business to the wrong group of people. I believe that creating your own “to email” list of subscribers allows you to easily reach the consumers that will be interested in what you intend to offer. Here are some arguments for why: 1. Email list subscribers sign up of their own accord. This doesn’t befall accidentally, because people who subscribe to your mailing list must be really interested in your business, unlike how many network users usually enrol in some social network groups. 2. In each and every E-mail you can address readers personally, by name, and also use other info to personalize the information as much as possible for each recipient. 3. A person checks his or her E-mail inbox and feels more comfortable reading the e-mails personally addressed to him/her, (this is what Social Network Advertising is missing at the moment). 4. There is also a rather important point I have not mentioned yet: The price! Once you have built a targeted Mailing list, it costs you nothing to market to this group of subscribers later. Constant marketing practices such as SEM can be rather expensive, not that it’s bad and you shouldn’t use SEM, but E-mail marketing is a solution that can really help grow your ROI. However, the major argument for E-mail-Marketing is that you’ll have to consolidate your client base into one list in order to use it for further promotion, to provide your subscribers with different types of information (your current business events, information about recent novelties and discounts, different propositions) and finally make your sales funnel. As for today, there is no more advantageous solution for these issues than E-mail-Marketing. What is more, you can always reach your special-purpose audience individually and in the shortest amount of time. No other tool will allow you to achieve these advantages on a constant basis and with minimum charges.


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