Bukisa 60 Day Challenge

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I’ve decided to pay more attention to Bukisa and put some real work into it. I will run my own Bukisa challenge where I want to reach $10 per day just from Bukisa. I will work hard to achieve this number and I will try to keep you updated with all the important steps I’ll make and all milestones I’ll reach. I’ll try to reach my goal to increase my daily income to $10 in 60 days or less.

Bukisa is a great place to write about stuff you like and make some money online by doing what you love and want. I’m a member of Bukisa for quite some time now and I find it really fascinating and really useful. And I already make some money here, but I want to increase my Bukisa earnings to $10 per day.

I hope you’ll find this hub useful and interesting. I’ll post everything I’ll discover during this challenge so you could learn from my achievements and mistakes and maybe try to have your own challenge based on my story. I’ll post all the updated in this hub so bookmarked it for further updates and reading.

This challenge starts on May 20, 2011 and ends on 1st of July, 2011.

My Goals

My main goal is to reach $10 per day. I want to reach this goal in 60 days or less. But I have some more goals in this challenge. Here they are!

  1. Increase daily AdSense income to $10 per day

  2. Get 200 Fans

  3. Get 20 Referrals

  4. Increase traffic to 1000+ per day

  5. Get 500 comments

  6. Create 150 Articles

  7. Create 100 How to Guides

TO DO List

In order to get somewhere I need to learn and work hard. I have a similar challenge on Squidoo and similar challenge on my blogs. So basically I’m doing a 60 day challenge on the Internet in an attempt to increase my online earnings and make a stable income from the Internet.

First, I must learn. And I am learning. I’m reading all the info about Bukisa and making money on Bukisa I can get. Here and elsewhere on the Internet. There are a lot of great hubs and hubbers who shared some really fascinating tips that will really help me on my path.

Secondly, I must act. I must work hard, stick to my schedule and never give up. If I will work hard and do all the things on my list and follow the tips I can make it. If I won’t do all the things because of laziness I won’t make it, that’s a fact. So I will really try to stick to the schedule and get things done. One after another.

Do you think I will reach my goals?


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