Choosing A Printer For Your Home Office Use

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Choosing a printer for your home office use is not an easy task anymore. You will find hundreds of models of printers offered by many companies. It is also hard to search the best printer for home office use on the internet, as you will find that every website mentions their printers to be the best. When choosing the best printer for home office use, you will be confused where to start the search. There are really too many brands and printers to choose from.

The three types of printer available are the inkjet printers, dot matrix and the laser printers. You should see the requirements of your office/home in order to find the best printer. Below are the details of the types of printers available.

Dot Matrix

The dot matrix printers are the old technology printers. They are more like a typewriter; these use inked ribbon which is impressed by the print head to develop print on the paper. The dot matrix printers are still famous as they are able to produce carbon copies and are mostly used by banks or payroll departments. Things to consider:

1. Are able to print on multipart forms, carbon copy.

2. These are very economical.

3. They output poor quality.

4. These printers are very noisy.

Inkjet printers

Inkjet printers are one of the most preferred printers around the world. These printers use ink and eject millions of tiny drops to print on the paper. Most of the companies making these printers use different technology but these are better in quality and noiseless. The best thing about inkjet printers is that they are inexpensive.

You will find that the ink cartridges are high-priced but you can refill them to cut the cost.

The quality of the print delivered by inkjet printers is measured in DPI (dots per inch). The Higher the DPI is, the better is the quality of print. You can find color inkjet printers for photorealistic prints.

Laser printers

Laser printers are new technology printers and offer the best print quality. These printers are known for their excellent quality and noiseless functioning but they are expensive as compared to other types of printers. It is advised to not buy a laser printer if you don’t know the cost of running it for about a year. The things to consider:

1. Laser printers are extremely fast in printing.

2. Brilliant print quality for both color and black.

3. Running costs are high.

4. Repairs and spares are expensive.

After considering all these things, you should now look for your budget and need. Remember to choose a printer from a well-known brand.


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