Save on Your Printer Ink And Toner Cartridges For Your Business

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Printer ink and Toner cartridges can become a large business expense if you do a significant amount of printing. The cost can add up very quickly on your bottom line. There are several ways to save on your printer ink and toner cartridge costs to your business.

You can save by using alternatives to your name brand printer ink and toner cartridges. Purchase do-it-yourself refill kits. Not only will money be saved but you will be “Going Green” helping the environment and saving our landfills. The do-it-yourself kits are extremely cheap and simple to use. An injector is included in your kit. Simply insert the injector into your cartridge and refill it with toner or ink included with the refill kit.

Bulk printer ink and toner cartridges are sold on the internet and you have the convenience of refilling your cartridges at any time. The greatest savings on bulk printer and toner ink is seen on a monthly basis.

Remanufactured cartridges sold on the internet are cartridges that are reused to aid in saving the environment. In addition, remanufactured cartridges are really cost effective to businesses.

Ink for your printers purchased from your printer manufacturer can cost over $25 per cartridge and toner is more expensive. You’re paying for the name on the cartridge and not the ink inside. Purchasing generic name printer ink and toner cartridges will not reduce the quality of information printed. Lesser known or generic brands have the same quality as name brands.

Purchasing your printer ink and toner cartridge supplies from the internet is convenient.There are rewards and drawbacks of using an online source. When purchasing your printer ink and toner cartridge from the internet, consider these:

Compatibility is important. Make sure the remanufactured or do-it-yourself refill kits are compatible with your current printer ink and toner cartridges and printer. Make a note of the product serial numbers from your cartridges or check the manual that accompanies your printer.

Use price comparisons when making your decisions. Many name brands have the same quality as brands that are lesser known. In actuality ink is ink and toner is toner.

Verify the online store you’re purchasing from provides secure ordering and reasonable shipping. Don’t allow the shipping to eat up the savings. If they are very expensive, you may be better off not ordering online.

There are companies that offer other business supplies that you may find savings on such as tape drives, notebook batteries or CD/DVD drives. Review other business supplies to determine if you can save money for your business on other services and products in addition to your printer ink and toner cartridges.

It may take a little research to find an online company to supply you with your needs, but you will be satisfied with your printer ink and toner cartridges supplies as well as the monies you will save.


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