Buying a Flat Screen Monitor

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There are two types of monitors available in the market; one is the CRT monitor and the other is the new flat screen monitor. The flat screen is much better than the old cathode ray tube monitors. It is flat and sleek. It weighs much less and is easier to carry around. Flat screen monitors use a new technology called ‘LCD’. ‘LCD’ stands for ‘Liquid Crystal Display’. Of course, there are flat screen monitors that also use the CRT technology.

In an LCD monitor, there are monochrome or color pixels that are arranged in front of a reflector or a light source. The LCD can have a transmissive or a reflective display. The difference is based on the source of light. There is an exterior light in reflective LCD. This can be seen in the display of a digital watch. The backlight gives light to a transmissive LCD. This can be seen in a television set.

Being flat, these latest LCD flat screen monitors offer better display. You can see crystal clear images no matter what angle or distance you are from the computer screen. Due to the pixels in the system, the color display is also brilliant. The picture and sound quality are both great. In fact the picture quality is so good that there is no eye strain and you can watch TV for hours without feeling the strain at all. Entertainment time can truly be enjoyed.

The flat screen monitor is fixed on to a swivel base with an adjustable headlight. This allows it to move in every plane and hence the view is good from all angles. The TV screen can also be adjusted at any height so that the viewing is comfortable. Flat screen monitors occupy less space and also save energy. Besides, they weigh not more than 5 kilograms. This is a comfortable weight in case you need to move the set around and re -arrange it. The screen is only an inch thick and can even be mounted on a wall or on the ceiling.

When you buy a flat screen monitor, choose the correct resolution that you need. Then check the cost. CRT screens cost about $200 while LCD screens cost about $600. Both types of monitors last about 6 years. If you purchase them from a good company, they will have a warranty of at least 1 to 3 years.


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