The GE Monogram Wine Chiller

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Wine is full of flavor and is a unique drink which complements good food. You can find wine like the red Merlot to the white Chardonnay wine which adds zing to your perfect meal. Wine doesn’t have to be served with food always; it can be served individually at social gatherings and parties also.

There are those who are very fond of wine. It takes a lot of effort as well as care to come up with good wine which ignites this passion. There are people who are wine tasting enthusiast and trying out unusual wine is their pastime. There can be different reasons but many people love collecting wine.

Now the question of storing wine comes through. Refrigerator can be used for this by a common individual but may not be the best option for the person who is passionate about wine. They may also need much more space for their wine collection. This is where you can use the GE Monogram wine chiller which is best suited for storing good wine under best conditions.

There are several wine chillers and why should you use the GE Monogram wine chiller? The reason is that this device from GE Monogram is not just any chiller but is a stylish wine chiller. The gadgets from GE Monogram are crafted with looks as well as functionality in mind which suggest that with efficient chilling it will also add to the décor of your home.

When you look at the wine chiller from GE Monogram you will see a chic glass door which shows all the wine bottles inside. There are 7 shelves made in cherry wood to math your pother furniture. The shelves are placed for best space utilization but if you need to keep bigger bottles of wine you can rearrange them.

GE Monogram wine chiller can be customized according to your particular needs and preferences. The basic model has unfinished wooden shelves which can be finished to make your home look better. In case you want to add more you can get unique glass doors which let you maintain the glass from opaque to transparent.

When you look closely at the GE Monogram wine chiller features you will get complete control on the temperature inside. There is a changeable temperature control which helps you in maintaining the best condition for the wine. It is especially useful when you want to use it for aging your wine or even chill it. The LED display shows the temperature inside the wine chiller when in use.

You may not find the refrigerator a very convenient and secure place to chill and store your wine. You can try the GE Monogram wine chiller which has been designed for looks as well as good functionality. You will be more than happy with this device as it offers a stylish look and fulfill all your requirements.


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