Using Coupons to Buy Your Hdtv

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HDTV brings home theatre quality viewing to consumers. An HDTV or High Definition Television prices are slowly decreasing in order to be afforded by the average family. There are several different ways to have your costs reduced even more through coupons and deals.

Check your local papers to find out what the local retailers are charging for specific HDTVs. Compare pricing for each retailer to determine where the best deals are. For example, Sears will match any competitors’ price and sometimes offer an additional 20% off of that price. Ask retailers if they have price matching or any other deals or coupons available to use when purchasing your HDTV.

If you have a real deal find, be sure to get to the store as early as possible. Some stores only have a limited supply of the HDTV you’re interested in. Many times there is purpose with offering the limited supply. They want to get you in the store even if you aren’t able to purchase the HDTV, maybe you will purchase other merchandise while there.

Always compare prices online. There are search engines that comparison shop for you. These include but aren’t limited to:,, and When using these sites, type in the size of the HDTV and your zip code. There are other online popular retailers such as, eBay and

These retailers usually offer specials, deals and coupons. There are hundreds of websites online that offer coupon codes on any type of merchandise, including televisions. There sites also include deals or coupons on shipping and handling.

Also consider Cyber Monday. This is the best shopping day of the year for online merchandise. If you prefer in store shopping, you can shop on the Friday after Thanksgiving when hundreds of reduced merchandise can be found. However, make sure you get there early, many sales start at 4am or 5am on that given Friday and there may be limited HDTVs available in the size you want.

Some furniture stores are advertising free HDTVs with the purchase of a certain dollar amount of furniture from their store. If you’re also planning on buying a new bed or dining room set, get your free HDTV. There are many deals going on during the holidays when furniture shopping is not as busy.

Consider using your credit card or bonus points from the card to purchase your HDTV. In addition, you can ask family and friends for gift cards instead of a gift itself for the holidays and combine these to reduce the cost of your television.

There are many different options to consider when purchasing your HDTV such as finding a deal with coupons and other sources. Think outside of the box and do a little work and get your television that you’ve been dreaming of!


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