Best Buy Elliptical Trainers

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Elliptical trainers are a new option and an excellent substitute to treadmills. There are several elliptical trainers available today and it is difficult to pick one for your use. You should not judge elliptical trainers only by the price, but also check the machine ratings. Here we will check out the three best value elliptical trainers at the best price.

Quality of elliptical trainers priced below $1000 can be typically questioned. But the Nordic Track CX 990 is a unique elliptical trainer which offers a great price option coupled with good quality. It comes with an incline feature which can change from 10 to about 30%. This feature is very useful to give you an intense workout and you also get 10 resistance levels which can be altered. Most of the elliptical trainers in the market have a 3 months warranty but the CX 990 offers 12 months warranty. This makes the machine dependable and a smart purchase for individuals who want to use the trainer regularly and spend below $1000 on an elliptical machine.

The Smooth CE 3.2 is also a good value machine at a low cost with the features it offers as compared to the other elliptical trainers. It comes with an electromagnetic braking system strong flywheel and also includes a heart rate wireless control with a HRC hand grip. The Smooth HRC Hand Grip has unique technology. This elliptical trainer has 9 programs with ergonomically designed pivot foot pedals to make the machine easier to use and avert any injury risk. You will find elliptical trainers which don’t move the body in alignment with the machine increasing the chances of injury. With the Smooth CE 3.2 your body moves in complete alignment with the trainer making it safer and offering an easy workout. It costs below $1500 which is very good for a Smooth machine.

The Precor EFX 5.33 is the finest of them all and offers the best value for the money you spend. You can find this elliptical trainer in health clubs and it offers a complete body workout and you won’t need to visit a gym. There are movable handlebars, elevated ramp at a 20 degree angle which is non adjustable and a reverse and forward elliptical strides. This machine has the best quality parts and comes with a 10 year warranty on all the machine parts and 1 year service warranty on the trainer. You will find no other elliptical trainer which can compare to the performance, quality and craftsmanship of Precor EFX 5.33. This is the reason why it is priced a little more than $3500. You can be sure that even with this price the elliptical trainer will in the long run save you a lot of money as you will not have to keep replacing machines or parts over 10 years.

Every elliptical trainer has its benefits and exceptional features which make them unique. There is one point common in all the 3 elliptical trainers; they are the three best buy elliptical trainers available.


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