Vision Fitness Elliptical Trainer

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You will find several Vision fitness elliptical trainer reviews, but you need to find reviews which can be trusted. Here we will give you the most trusted and reliable reviews of Vision fitness elliptical trainer and also discuss the features of the Vision fitness elliptical trainer.

The review for the X1500 and X1400 models from Vision fitness elliptical trainer are not good. They are not even acceptable as they don’t have the features which they are expected to have and this has given a bad rating of these Vision fitness elliptical trainers. There were issues like short stride length as compared to similar elliptical trainers. The LCD console is very basic for the price of the machine. Reviews given for the Vision fitness elliptical trainers are accurate as both the machines could have been better.

Don’t start thinking negatively about all Vision fitness elliptical trainers as there are positive feedbacks about some of the Vision fitness elliptical trainers. The machines concerned are the X6200 HRT and the X6100. They are a much better version of the previous models offer 20 inch stride and the X6200 is more attractive with an excellent lifetime warranty on brakes, 3 years for the parts and 1 year on service. It includes programs which can be customized the way required, a wireless heart monitor as well as changeable footpads.

This X6600 HRT model did not get much attention in the Vision fitness elliptical trainer reviews but the commercial machine can be used at home and that is the reason for the machine being overlooked many times. The machine is heavy but you get a 5 year home warranty on parts and 2 years on service. The most attractive feature of the X6600 HRT is its 4 heart programs and a display for checking heart rate details. The X6600 comes with impressive footpads and they move well with the body. This Vision fitness elliptical trainer model would have got great reviews if it was well examined.

There are positive Vision fitness elliptical trainer reviews given by the Health Magazine about the X6100. The best reviews for the Vision fitness elliptical trainer have been given by publications like Consumers Digest, LA Times and Smart Money Magazine. The reviews for X6200 Vision fitness elliptical trainer were positive with no complaints. LCD is the sole negative about the X6100 which could have been better. This surely does not take away the performance and quality of the machine. Here we have taken a speedy look at the reviews for the Vision fitness elliptical trainer which offers an insight into the different models.


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