My Garden Is For The Whole Family

Most people love to have an attractive and blooming garden, but when one lives in a family, it is important to consider the requirement of all the other people in the family. It is a good idea to divide the garden area into two or three parts. One can be used for relaxation and play, another for gardening and if you have a pet use the third part for that.

A perfect garden for children is one which is open but is covered by grass. You can even fix a table to have lunch in the open or a romantic dinner on summer evenings. If you have a fireplace a part of the garden can be reserved for storing fire wood. Ensure that this area is a little far from the animals which can damage them and also keep it away from the house.

You have to think about your pets also. Construct some spaces for these adorable family members so that they can run about and exercise. Enclose the pet space before planting flowers, or ornamental plants. Dogs and cats love to enter spaces we don’t want them to enter and your plants can also get damaged.

You also have to ensure your privacy in the garden. Make a place for the trash can before you plan out the landscape of the garden as it will spoil the look of your delightful garden. Garbage area can be hidden successfully in an enclosed space which is decorated with a nice fence or plants.

Remember that functionality is very important in your garden and you have to think about your pets, children and family requirements prior to planting anything. Keep a part of the garden for yourself where you can plant all the things you want and rest of the space should be left open for people to relax and enjoy.

This will give you more satisfaction as your complete family will be happy with the garden. They may also contribute to make the garden better. You must make sure that all personal space is maintained and so you must plan the garden in a manner that it does not take up all the space you have. You can construct a trail or a few benches to sit and admire your garden or just relax.

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