Sam Has a Stammer, And He's Finding it Hard.

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Sam has a Stammer, and he’s finding it hard

Gareth GatesGareth Gates

Karen didn’t need to ask herself this question, she knew the answer all too well. It was simple, her beloved son was being bullied because he had a stammer. How her heart ached for him, children were so cruel, and none of it was Sam’s fault. But she knew that being upset wasn’t the answer, positive actions were needed before Sam lost all his faith and trust in people.

When he was a little boy, it had been easier. He had stammered ever since he could speak, but no amount of investigations by the doctor could uncover why that was. She had been up to his junior school countless times , the staff had known her well, and Sam had been reasonably protected from teasing and unkindness. The teacher had advised speech therapy, but sadly, it had not really made much difference.

Sam was overlooked at school because he couldn’t say much

Sam was a lively boy, bright and good at sports, which helped with his confidence initially, he had even passed an exam to a grammar school ,but since he had gone there, she had watched his confidence evaporate, he spent too much time in his room, and she knew why it was. Class discussions were a big part of the curriculum, and this is what he couldn’t cope with.

Karen knew she couldn’t go marching up the school now to protect her son, it was not cool at 11 to have your mother defending your corner. There was a big world out there, and as Sam was growing older, his problem was growing with him. She had fears he would never have friends, or hold a job down, how could he ever pass an interview no matter how clever he was if he couldn’t speak? Did anyone have any idea just how hard it was to live a normal life with a stammer?

She had seen Gareth Gates on Pop Idol when Sam was only 1year old before she knew he was going to stammer. Gareth had been helped since then by the MC Guire Programme. She had watched him on TV , he was famous for mastering his stammer, and thinking about this gave her an idea. She had watched him try to cope with interviews on tv, and marvelled at his courage, but little did she know that her one year old son at the time,would be affected in the same way.

Sam felt like giving up because of his Stammer

Sam didn’t want to get out of bed, the world out there was full of people taunting him! He was scared to speak to anyone outside his own home. There were so many things he wanted to say, but he couldn’t, and he felt worthless. Yesterday he had said he felt sick, and Mum had given him the benefit of the doubt, but today she said he must go in because he was missing important lessons. How he hated those lessons, the class discussions where he could not participate, if he even tried, he could hear them quietly snickering, and then at break time they chanted S-S-S-Sam. Coming out of school was a nightmare too, as they followed him shouting names.

He had always been like this, he didn’t know why, but he felt like some sort of freak, how he wished he could pick up the ‘phone and just order a takeaway, or even answer the ‘phone without being so scared of it. Right now he felt as though his life was not worth living, so he turned over, and sought refuge in the comfort of his quilt, whilst knowing that his mother was downstairs frantically begging him to get up.

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