May 21 2011 : End of The World 2011

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HI every body

today is 20th may 2011 and i am thinking and writing this article about the next day that is  may 21st 2011 and why? because this date is being advertised as the last date for whole world and a debate is going on some peoples are saying that the prediction of the end of the world will become true and some are saying that all these are just rumors. this is told that Jesus will come that day and this will be judgement day etc. well what is the truth i don’t know  nor i want to know because i have my personal planning for tomorrow and if it is really the whole world is going to be destroyed then why to worry and if it is not then also why to worry. well i would like to mention here that i searched and considered about this date and prediction then i got that its just an endless debate because no one is having a guarantee  whether the world is going to meet en end or not.

but for some peoples these types of rumors create a solid reason to get afraid and this dreadful atmosphere is not a good symbol. therefore in such time we need to make them understand. life is in its every moment. and no one can predict exactly that when a life is going to be finished. when an innocent children asks me that will really we all going to get dead? then i thought that how afraid they are whereas the need not even they should play and they are not. they must make fun but they are asking such questions.

I have already written an article on “December 21st 2012 the end of the world” And that’s why i thought to write that perhaps the world  get destroyed by tomorrow but the life is being destroyed slowly and step by step  just because of such predictions and rumors or whatever.

If really it happens then perhaps someone remain to feel said but happiness is getting destroyed slowly and step by step  just because of such predictions and rumors or whatever . overall i would say that we should not mind all these but we must mind our life our happiness our love our family.  so have a nice day……..!    🙂


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