Laramie: Beyond Justice

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Laramie: Beyond Justice, a 4th season episode, gives the spotlight to John Smith as Slim Sherman with a minor plot bit going to Spring Byington as Daisy Cooper.  As they often do, though, the producers gave the teaser to Robert Fuller for his one scene as Jess Harper.  This is really a funny opening that has Jess hunting down youngster Mike Williams to give the boy his bath.  It always makes me laugh.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the show, but what a fun way to start things off.

One of the best parts of the hour for me is the appearance of Margaret Hamilton    as Daisy’s old friend, Leora Scofield.  She’s a spirited suffragette who has come to Laramie with some fellow suffragettes to get women voting and such.  Hamilton is awesome; she was perfect casting.

There’s a scene at the Sherman Ranch that includes a round of conflict between Leora and Slim over women and their rights.  When Mike asks what a suffragette is, Slim makes a joke that says that’s someone who makes a man suffer.  That didn’t go over with Leora, and off the two went.  Actually, I thought Slim was way over sensitive to what was being said, but alas, it was Leora who ended up saying she’d been wrong.  I think that was a bit of a sign of the times from when this show aired.

The tag scene was cute.  It’s a nice wrap up to all the drama that had gone on, and there was.  The intensity of the hour was brought by actors Lyle Bettger, Myron Healey, David McLean, and Jim McMullan.  They are all very good actors and turned in solid performances.

Kathie Browne appeared in this episode as well.  She’s always great to watch. Her character was tied into both the suffragette plot and the main heavier element of murder.  It was one of those loving the wrong man types of stories, but of course, she came around at the end.

So, this is a very good episode that always entertains me heartily.  It’s fun and dramatic both.


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