Common Sleep Mistakes to Eliminate Today

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Sleep Mistake #1:  Sleeping Whenever, Wherever

It is necessary to keep a consistent sleep schedule and stick to it.  The body’s biological clock works in a regular cycle, and any irregularity may result in decreased functioning and insomnia.

Sleep Mistake #2:  Let it Snore, Let it Snore, Let it Snore

Snoring is not harmless.  It may be a sign of sleep apnea, or cessation of breathing during sleep.  What causes snoring is the tongue falling back against the airways and creating a somewhat vibrating sound as air passes through during inhalation.  To prevent this phenomenon, a side-lying position is recommended.

Sleep Mistake #3:  Crashing to Sleep

A lot of people have bedtime rituals such as taking a shower, reading a book, or listening to slow music, that help facilitate sleep.  Sleeping aids such as pillows, blankets, or a dim light also fall into this category.  Sometimes, especially during travel, these rituals are interrupted and these aids are eliminated.  Unless you can fall right asleep, it is good to find suitable substitutes that come close to your sleeping needs.

Sleep Mistake #4:  The Pills

Anything foreign that enters the body alters its natural cycle and functioning.  The use of sleeping pills may cause physical and psychological dependence, which would eventually lead to the inability to fall naturally asleep.  Natural remedies such as exercise and yoga are preferred.

Sleep Mistake #5:  Over My Dead Body

Most people are so determined to get back to sleep or to fall asleep that they stay in bed and toss and turn until they do.  What they do not know is that the determination to deliberately fall asleep produces the opposite result.  The stress that comes with this determination eventually produces agitation and therefore reduces relaxation and along with it, the possibility of ever going to sleep any time soon.  For better results, relaxation activities are recommended.

There are plenty more sleep mistakes people make without even being aware of them.  Whatever they are, it is important to learn that they exist, and undertake certain changes to eliminate them in order to get better sleep and a healthier well-being.

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