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Looking for a cheap airsoft gun? Back in the day we called them BB guns. The airsoft guns have become very popular nowadays. These are very genuine looking guns and have seized the customers’ attention and dollar. However, if you’re looking for some rather reasonably priced airsoft guns, they are out there on the market.

A Navy Seal Spring Pistol MK23 for all intents and purposes appears to be a serious looking gun. The weapon from UTG has respectable firepower with a simulated silencer. Numerous users are excited about the MK23. Customers are calling it one of the best airsoft guns available coming in under $30. It’s a terrific airsoft gun for beginners.

If you are a rifle enthusiast, you won’t go wrong taking into consideration the M14 Sniper Rifle. This TSD is a heavy duty rifle modeled after the M1 rifle. Accurate with 0.2g BBs, the rifle is even accurate with lighter BBs. Its spring loading has to be cocked after each shot.Time after time customers are providing this airsoft gun with elevated marks. Users appreciate the overall feel, look and power of the M14 Sniper Rifle.

The M82 Double Eagle Electric Gun from BBARMS is an imitation of the SIG 552 Commando rifle and shoots on automatic, semi-automatic or single shot. Electronic means you don’t have to pump the weapon. Users delight in the substantial weight and feel including the laser aim and the fast fire. Most customers didn’t enjoy the manual that accompanies the weapon but experienced airsoft gun users have no issues.

Another customer favorite is the 1911 Spring Air Pistol. Another pleaser developed by UHC. This pistol is comparable to a law-enforcement type of weapon. If you’re a budding airsoft man who needs a great starting pistol, this is it.

Always remember safety when using any of these airsoft weapons. Remember mom telling you repeatedly “you can take your eye out with that thing”? Well, she wasn’t pulling your leg for sure! Use the appropriate protection for your face and any other protective gear to prevent any injury.

A great airsoft gun can be purchased and there are numerous categories and different ones to choose from depending upon which one you like. Research more information on any one of the airsoft guns mentioned and get started with having fun.


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