Psp Versus DS For Handheld Gaming Gadgets

Hand held gaming is popular because of the portability of having your gaming system with you at all times. There are benefits and drawbacks to two popular gaming venues, Nintendo’s DS Lite and Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP). Every gamer has his or her choice dependent upon personal preference. The two are compared here.

The Nintendo DS costs approximately $130 and the PSP 3000 is approximately $170. If you’re interested in graphics rivalry between the two gaming systems, the DS is comparable to the Nintendo 64, whereas the PSP is slightly better with graphics similar to the PlayStation 2. The DS system provides more fortification to its system because you have a cover to close protecting both screens of the device. The PSP screen is always uncovered. Both have high resolution LCD exhibitions of their screen displays, the PSP comes in with a display of 480 x 272 and the DS displays 256 x 192 pixels.

The PSP has overall better graphics of any of the hand held games on the market today, Nintendo hardly ever goes for graphics only when they are providing the public with new systems. Nintendo focuses more on invention and originality. For example, DS has released a touch screen display and new advancements to play their games. Using the touch screen display is a modernization to hand held gaming.

Although DS has introduced the touch screen gaming ability, it really hasn’t provided much of anything else. They have delivered Pitochat. Pitochat permits a maximum of 16 DS game owners to chat and create pictures over a network. The element is not as popular as DS had hoped. PSP on their side have introduced a multimedia full –on device which can allow the gamer to view movies and listen to music in addition to other capabilities similar to the internet. PSP has Skype accessibility and streaming television. For a multimedia device, surprisingly the battery life is only five to nine hours.

PSP games on their hand held device cannot compete with Nintendo in this group. Nintendo is releasing exceptional first-rate games for the DS. All of their games have received great reviews. You can also play your Game Boy Advance games on the DS system.

The controllers on PSP are comparable to PlayStation 2, including an analog stick. When moving around the 3D games, the analog stick is great. In addition, you have the D-Pad. PSP buttons include standard two shoulder buttons, four face-buttons, start, select, and four face buttons X, O, triangle and square. On the DS you have D-Pad, A, X, B and Y buttons as well as two shoulder buttons. Although you don’t have the analog stick with DS, you do have the touch screen.

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