Use The Correct Saw Blade For Your Project

How do you know you’ve chosen the correct saw blade for your project? It’s important to make certain you receive the correct, even cuts on material that you’re operating your saw on. There are various blades available. Steel, abrasive, high speed and diamond blades are available for purchase. Depending upon what materials your project needs, determines what saw blade to buy. You can dull your blade if the inappropriate blade is used for your project.

Your saw may take a specific type of saw blade. Make sure the blade is correct for your saw. Purchasing the incorrect blade won’t allow your guard on the saw to clear when sawing and your saw won’t work to the best of its ability. By using a saw blade that is too small, it won’t provide enough depth when you use your saw.

Softwood should be cut with a steel blade. In addition, make sure your blade is sharp for working with any wood. Blades tend to become weak when cutting hardwood. There is an alternative to tough steel blades; High-Speed Steel (HSS) saw blades.

Two types of saw blades are rip blades and crosscut when you use a circular saw. Ideal for cutting the grain of the stock are rip blades. The job at hand can be completed quickly but you can every now and then obtain unclean finishes. Wide cuts are made with the crosscut blades, using chisels or carbides; vary between cutting right and left. Blades that combine both advantages of rip saw blades and crosscut saw blades are referred to as combination blades. These are standard and have various tooth amounts, from 24 to 80 teeth per blade.

An abrasive blade is a better choice for stone or metal projects. A diamond blade which actually has diamond teeth on the saw blade essentially cuts the sturdiest of materials such as diamonds, stone and tile.

Plywood blades should be chosen to cut wood only. These are made from high speed steel and are able to supply a great finish. Dado blades are made for a particular category of wood cutting and are operated with a table saw or radial arm saw.

Choosing the appropriate saw blade for the job at hand is very important for a multitude of reasons. An incorrect saw blade can damage your project or your saw. In addition, the safety of the person using the saw can be decreased by the incorrect blade with the blade guard. Hopefully this information can help you in making an informed decision concerning your saw blade.

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