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What is a camping trip without a sleeping bag? Camping is a past time that so many Americans across the nation enjoy each year. It’s a pastime that can be enjoyed by all ages and especially great for families. One of the most important tools to take on the camping trip is the sleeping bag. There are some things to consider when taking the correct sleeping bag on your trip.

When you decide to purchase your sleeping bag, consider the temperature rating. The majority of sleeping bags are rated at how low a temperature they can sustain and continue to keep you warm outdoors. Remember there is a general number but if you like extra blankets at night then purchase one rated 10 degrees colder. If you enjoy your night of slumber on the cooler side, purchase one rated 10 degrees warmer.

After deciding your temperature rating, decide what you would like for the sleeping bag filler. The newer sleeping bags available are filled with one of two fillers, down or synthetic. If you want to keep warmer with less filler, down is the answer. However, there are some disadvantages to down filling. Down will cost you more and bunches up during packing. In addition, if the sleeping bag gets wet, it will lose the insulation affect. Synthetic sleeping bags weigh more. Synthetic does have advantages over down because it will retain insulating affect if wet and will keep you warmer.

There are various shapes to sleeping bags. Some are shaped conventional for one or more people while others have a ‘mummy’ shape. The warmer bags are shaped like a mummy. There seems to be less air circulating in the mummy shaped bags while square sleeping bags allow for more movement of your body during the night. To give back for what you lose by choosing the square sleeping bag over the mummy shape, choose a sleeping bag rated for 10 degrees colder weather.

With the temperature chosen, what type of filling you need and shape of your sleeping bag established, you want to peruse some of the extras that sleeping bags can have. Down filled bags contain some chambers that thwart the filling from shifting inside of the sleeping bag. Also available are zippers that are smooth gliding. If sleeping on the ground isn’t your cup of tea, you can get additional padding and many other convenience items. These extras are going to cost you a little more but you will sleep warm and cozy while you enjoy your family camping experience.


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