Purchasing a Stun Gun

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Looking for a stun gun? This weapon sends an incapacitating charge of electricity to anyone trying to attack you. The incapacitation of the attacker will provide you time to get to safety. These weapons are simple to use and safe. There are a number of devices and levels of stunning power to meet a variety of needs.

Stun guns are available in three basic kinds. These are disruption, electro muscular and induction. The static and phase provide the current through opposite techniques. However, no more than 62,500 volts of electricity are produced against an attacker when used. The electro muscular disruption weapon also referred to as the Taser can briefly paralyze an attacker from 20 feet away.

Select the dimensions and form of your stun gun. These are in general six inches in length and made for the average hand size. Manufactures have also fashioned mini- stun guns that can without difficulty fit into a pocket or purse. Some want to have a stun gun designed to look like anything other than a stun gun, such as a cell phone.

If you need a nice form of self -defense, stun guns may be what you’re looking for. There are stores and numerous online retailers offering them.

There are states that prohibit stun guns and these include Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin and the Virgin Islands. Certain cities have also prohibited or regulate stun guns.

Local retailer stores don’t supply stun guns for sale. The ideal place to purchase one is online. Websites will sell you the stun gun and ship your item directly to your door.

Glance through the websites that have stun guns offered for sale. Select one that you would like to buy. Carefully read all of the disclaimers attached with the purchase of the stun gun. There are states that will not allow stun guns to be shipped to the state because of certain laws and regulations. If you purchase a stun gun and your state prohibits the shipment of the gun, you won’t receive your purchase. In addition, there are certain models of guns that cannot be shipped to some states. You may be able to purchase a stun gun but not that particular model for your state.


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