Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed can be a stylish and melodramatic aspect to your bedroom. They are suitable with multiple desirable designs or schemes from trendy to vintage. Some are expensive but you may be surprised to find that their prices are dropping and it is possible to find one in any price range.

Touches of your personality can be added to the four poster bed. Add a fabric canopy. By adding fabric it creates a sensation of enticement that can be ornamental and appealing. If you prefer an exposed canopy on the four poster bed, cloak your fabric around various posts. You can start with any post and drape the fabric in a complete circuit to encircle the bed. To close your canopy, simply arrange the fabric over the posts and to add a personal touch, you can bind or secure the fabric with other contrasting colored fabrics of your choice.

If you want to really dramatize the four poster bed you can use paint. Change the color of the four poster bed. Your paint will look superior if you gently sand the bed before painting. This will allow the paint to stick to the bed much better. You can use stencils or hand paints for patterns on the four poster bed. Easily use the stencils or hand paints on the entire bed or simply bits and pieces here and there or only the posts.

You can also differentiate your four poster bed with a style of covering opulently colored and weighty rough textured fabric. By hanging the fabrics in the post at the back for the four poster bed, you can replace a headboard with these fabrics.

A passionate atmosphere can be produced by using fabrics such as mosquito netting or tulles. Your four poster bed not only generates a feeling of romance and ambience but you can complement a natural or eastern Asia inspired bedroom. Ornamental or any attractive fabric can be used to stay fixed around the posts of the four poster bed.

You can even use your fabric to only decorate the post and not canopy the bed at all.

Fabrics and paints can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your four poster bed. Your designs can be enhanced with your favorite colors, textures and paint. The wonderful thing about this type of decoration is that when you would like to make a change it’s inexpensive and simple. You can change the entire look and feel of your four poster bed without purchasing a new bed.

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