The Amazing Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

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The design of eagle eyes sunglasses is such that it blocks UV rays from the sun as well as blue light. This is undoubtedly the ultimate in eye protection. On top of this, eagle eyes sunglasses make it easier for you to view well on a foggy day too. However, do not mistake these for prescription glasses, if you need vision correction then these are not the glasses you are looking for. It is simply the fact that with these sunglasses you are able to see better even as the light conditions change.

The first time as you put on your eagle eyes sunglasses, you will feel as if your surroundings have gotten brighter. It may make you feel that these sunglasses are not good. If you do think about it though, you will realize that with this lighting, you do not have to squint. The way they are designed, the sunglasses let all the colors from the spectrum pass through except for violet and blue lights. This is because of the polarized selective transmission lenses in them.

Quite different from other ordinary sunglasses, eagle eyes sunglasses do not make use of a dark lens in order to block colors. In fact, the lenses will imitate an eagle or hawks eyes for the ultimate in clarity. In no way will you look like you have an eagle’s eyes but it will surely feel like it!

When you have your eagle eyes sunglasses on, your surroundings seem more vivid. This is due to the fact that the harmful violet and blue light is neutralized to gray while colors like orange, red and green are enhanced. This unique protection for your eyes with the eagle eyes sunglasses offers 100% UV rays blockage.

I am sure you have noticed how it is so easy to see everything clearly outside in the daytime but it takes some time to see clearly when you take them off inside. With eagle eyes sunglasses, you do not face this issue at all. Due to their comfort, when you enter a dark room, it does not take time to adjust to the change in light. You can even have the eagle eyes sunglasses clipped onto your prescription lenses or have them in your sunglasses. This is the best convenience offered to those who never want to wear anything else! Get the best for you eyes with a pair.


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