How Safe Are The Toys That You Buy?

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The fact that there are numerous regulations geared towards curbing toys that are considered unsafe both in the United States and also the United Kingdom has not stopped unsafe toys from finding their way into the market. Thus the need for people to be vigilant whenever they are buying toys for their children.

To a very large extent, toy safety has become a success as we have very few homes reporting toy related accidents. The ones that might be there mostly involve a misuse of the toy or where somebody trips over it.

Moreover cases where defective toys have found their way into the market, they have been recalled almost immediately after this has been realized by the concerned company. This should not make parents relieved though and leave their kids with toys unguarded. When buying a toy you should consider the following.

Labels for safety

With intent, ensure the toy you are buying has or bears the appropriate labels of safety and ensure they meet the relevant safety standards. Check for the standardization mark from the relevant body.

Go an extra mile and check the label about age differentiation. So that you buy a toy meant for the particular age bracket and make sure you have followed the relevant guidelines. A great number of toy manufacturers have labeled the age requirement for the toys. Though to a large extent this age marking is meant to show the youngster within that age group how to benefit more from that particular toy or have maximum fun playing with the toy. Below is a breakdown of the toys that are suitable for the different groups of age.

Below three years; this category is greatly hampered by choke thus the need to provide toys that will not promote the choking hazard. You need to guard them against such toys that are inflated, for instance, balloons and toys that have sharp ages.

Kids ranging from three to five years; these ones are able to handle the more sophisticated toys. Keep toys that have micro-plastics out of their reach to avoid them from injuring themselves.

Between six to twelve years; these are much more mature children that can take care of themselves, they can even read the safety guidelines. But parent needs to come in and buy them protective garments, for example gloves for riding a bicycle or gadgets for skating.


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