Factors to Consider in Lay-Outing Artworks

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There are lot of things that you will remember in creating artwork lay-outs. Some of these are important and some are only extras but if you are a graphic artist you must have the standards in creating artworks.  Every time you creating artworks you must remember these standards even it is not necessary.

Colours.Colours is the most important that you will remember in creating lay-outs. You must know the colour profile you will use based on the requirements. The most use colour profile was CMYK and RGB. CMYK usually used in artworks that will use in printing especially in offset printing the uses colour separation or stripping. RGB used in image displays like monitors, TV screens. It is commonly used in website. RGB colours have bright colours in computer screens compare to CMYK.

Text and logos.Text also is the one of the important components of layout. You must know the standard font names size and spacing that your clients have. You will base your layout on their standards especially the text for logos. You will not alter their logos. All you have to do is to resize them and not to revise or recreate it. Changing logos colours are also based on your clients standards.  Colour of text, backgrounds and other layout element will also based in the company standards colours and logos.

Size and area.Before you layout the artwork you must know the size, the length and width required.  To get the area you must multiply the width and length. Size is one of the important element in creating an artwork in order you to control the ideas and element you will put in one artwork.

Printing methods.You must also know the printing methods that will use in a particular project so that you can base what artwork you will do. Full colours or photographic images were good for offset and digital printing but in silkscreen printing you must limit the colours you will use in the lay-outs.

Create options.  Create several options for your lay-out if possible so that your client will choose what is good for them. Never stick in one layout only to avoid more revision ns project cancellation if they didn’t want the idea and the artwork itself.

Image allowance and bleed.  In the start of the artwork lay-out you must consider the image allowance and image bleed especially in images that will use for printing purposes.  It will cause you a delay when you wait for the artwork approval before you add an extra allowance or bleed in the image. So create bleed from the start.

Required artwork file type.You must also consider the required artwork type that your client wants. For example they need vector images so you need to use graphic software like CorelDraw or Illustrator to create the artwork. If they need layered files use Adobe Photoshop. You must know the required artwork type before you begin to layout. 


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