Patenting Your New Product

Patenting a unique product that you have come up with is vital as it goes a long way in ensuring nobody ends up stealing your invention. If you have not patented your product, somebody can take up the idea that you came up with and claim it to be his. You stand to benefit a great deal if you patent your product. Patenting allows you to reap all the finances that come with the product for a period of not less than 17 years and up to even 20 solid years.

It is of essence to know whether your product really qualifies for the patent. The major consideration is whether the product is indeed unique and also ensuring that it does not fall in the category of products that cannot be patented.

If we consider the United States for example, the body responsible for patenting is the Federal agency under what they refer to as the Office of U.S. Patent and Trademark. This office is responsible for issuing patents to a wide range of innovations as long as the product proves to be of usefulness. They even go an extra mile in facilitating patenting of plants.

Products that fail to be patented are those kinds of pharmaceuticals that are deemed not safe, weapons of nuclear origin, phenomenas that are theoretical in nature or inventions that don’t seem to work. Also if you come up with an invention whose sole aim is to undertake illegal operations, this won’t pass for patenting. Immorality can’t also be patented but there’s a law in the offing geared towards eliminating this category.

Uniqueness and originality is checked by a number of ways; one way is by inviting an expert’s opinion in that field and trying to see whether the expert considers that invention viable. One needs to provide to the patent body the list of experts that he has consulted and what their views are on the subject at hand.

You also need to be on high alert. Make sure you don’t share your idea with the wrong persons before patenting it since you might end up losing the whole thing. Also ensure step by step documentation of the process involved. To document the process, all you need is but a simple diary where you put the concept notes and how you plan to develop and the progress you are making as the days go by.

The process of getting a patent on an average is about two years but may take longer till you are able to prove that the product is indeed helpful.

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