Tangible Pipeline Security System

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There’s an enormous challenge that the government is constantly facing; that is the damage of its pipeline system as well as pipeline security. Pipe guard has come in handy to provide or rather fill this security gap. A lot of money has gone to waste as a result of vandalism and damage propagated by people, some of who are just out to create malice.

The pipeline security measure that has been designed is known as Megal Security system, a very innovative mechanism that is waiting to be patented and is geared towards ensuring the pipes and other valuable assets below the soil have maximum protection from both terrorists and damage that may come from the third parties. It will employ numerous technologies that will ensure it meets or even surpasses pipeline security needs.

The urgency of need for a pipeline security could not be overlooked. Considering that the entire gas system and even the oil system that flows through the fields ports and the refineries that are available has pipelines that have been laid down. And they have very little to no security. They just depend on the goodwill of the people. A very dangerous phenomena as even the terrorists can take advantage of these and get to terrorize the country or cause sabotage..

Magal Security has identified this loophole that has been created by a very major oversight regarding pipeline security. The company has worked on this loophole and applied numerous technological factors to make sure that they offer pipeline security and due care is undertaken.

The concept works in such a way that an alarm is heard every time there’s a solid or tangible threat on the piping system. The units that are to sense are placed on very short distances. Just between 200-300 meters is the distance between one unit and the other. They are just pegged very close to the pipe and even touch the ground.

The technology used here is that the units involved in sensing are geared by a battery made up of Lithium. This battery is designed in such a way that it can operate on a wireless network for a period of up to five years. All the sensing units for pipeline security are protected against rust.

Communication is powered by the concept of merely spread spectrum. It is through the UHP bad frequency. Aerospace cell phones also come in handy in facilitating high sensitive frequencies. This technology for pipeline security is handy and we can’t wait to see it in action.


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