Take Care When You Are Purchasing A Printer Cartridge

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Looking to buy a printer cartridge? I have recently bought two printers that fall under different categories; one being the type that only prints black and white but is made of laser and the other that has a double purpose, it serves both as a photocopying machine and produces color with inkjet. The laser printer does most of the work and comes in handy as it is very fast, efficient and economical and only uses the color inkjet whenever I want to print photographs.

These two printers are very expensive as they are from HP. The shocker came when after I had used them for a while, they could not print as the ink cartridge had been depleted. Replacing the toner and the cartridge for the ink costs almost more than half the total price of the printer! This can be discouraging or rather a setback and one may end up regretting ever buying this category of printers though their services come in handy and they are very efficient and fast.

Considering this, one can easily come to a conclusion that the manufacturers sell their products at a lower price than the cost.The cost they incurred in manufacturing the product then comes back to be recovered through the use or rather selling the components that go with the original product. The manufacturers display warnings that you should not use any other brand as the component, in this case the cartridge. They warn of very dire consequences or that the damage can be fatal. They insist on the fact that you should only buy original equipment from the manufacturer.

There are a number of conclusions that one may make owing to these facts; one is about getting compatible cartridge for ink. A large number of people think that they are recycled but this is not the case as they are new products but generics of the original. They cartridges have all the features as those of the original but cost a little lower than the original.

Another one is those print cartridges that have been manufactured again. These have been recycled yes. They don’t simply go through refilling but are rather broken down into their distinct parts and checked to be okay in all the rightful places then thoroughly cleaned and then assembled again and lastly ink is filled into them. They later undergo rigorous testing to make sure the cartridges are working and ensure they are of good quality that even goes beyond the ones that you are being threatened to use!


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