Shrink Wrap Has Many Uses Around Your House

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A unique plastic that will shrink after applying heat to mold to form and enfold things together is termed shrink wrap. Formerly used exclusively for manufacturing purposes, it is now located in the common household.

Local hardware stores can supply shrink wrap for home use. It is usually supplied in a variation of sheet sizes, tubes or rolls.

Tubes of shrink wrap can be utilized to safeguard wire connections. One end of the wire should be slipped through the tube and twisted together then slide the tube over the connection. A hot air blow dryer shrinks the wrap to obtain a tight fit. Tubes that are larger can be used as a temporary fix for broken items molded out of wood or PVC plastic. PVC is typically found in plumbing about the house.

Boxes and other containers can be bundled together using the rolled shrink wrap. You can have your boxes dry and use the boxes for storage using the roll type shrink wrap. Double wrap the entire box in shrink wrap and use a hot air blow dryer to shrink the wrap to fit tightly.

Storing materials that you don’t use on a regular basis, for example your artificial Christmas tree can be accomplished by using shrink wrap. Cut shrink wrap sheets from the roll to fit your items. In the case of the tree you don’t have to cut the wrap. Simply roll the wrap around the tree to fit snugly and then use the hot air blow dryer to shrink the wrap and assure the shrinking is performed to allow a tight fit.

You can also shrink wrap materials that may tarnish if left out in the air. Shrink wrap things such as necklaces, bracelets rings and silverware. These items can be done quickly and easily. Cut the pieces from your roll to fit these items. You can store several items in one package. Cut the pieces of shrink wrap, lay the items in the middle and fold the wrap to a snug fit. Use the hot air blow dryer to shrink the wrap.

If you’re moving, shrink wrap will come in handy to package your breakables. Repeat the same process as wrapping your jewelry and other delicate items. Wrap as many times in the shrink wrap as you’re comfortable with to allow no breakage to occur.

Shrink wrap is mainly used for industry or manufacturing but can be of terrific assistance around the house too!


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