Your Computer Can Affect Your Health

Depending on how many people use the computer for their everyday life, you will be surprised with the majority who do not have the knowledge on basic health safety they have to follow up while using desk tops.

If you have to use a computer for your every day life, you have to remember that the computer can affect your health. It can affect your life in many ways like a bad position can cause you backache. Or it may affect your overall capacity of thinking. More workers suffer from stress related to computer usage, and if the computer is not kept in a good distance, it will affect the sight.

Ergonomics, a science of how our sitting position when using electronic equipment affects our lives; tries to make people understand how every day use of computers or other electronics can affect the user psychologically and physically.

At first the user does not feel anything or he thinks that the problem will eventually go away but the problem only builds up into a complicated problem. This problem can affect the person in future. Unfortunately most people who experience these problems look for help when it is too late.

Using the mouse can cause a problem when you move it around every day without considering a good position. Most common problem is RSI, the repetitive strain injury when a person fails to move his hands. Another major issue with computers is the affect on your eye sight, most of the people who use computers for a long time suffer eye sight problems and have to wear glasses. Backache is a common problem too, especially if someone uses a chair which is not comfortable. These are problems associated with bad position. The laptop computer is also contributing to these problems, because it can be moved around and sometimes the user does not take care on how to sit in a required position.

That’s why you have to be always sure of how you use the computer, because even if the ergonomic –related illnesses may not be common, they may not be as far away as you think. You have to take care of your back by adjusting any problem or any discomfort you have when using the computer. You must read all the instructions about the safety regulation of the equipment you use and follow them at your home as well as at work.

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