Tips on Creating a Company or Corporate Logo

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Creating concepts for a company or corporate logo is one of the toughest job of a graphic artist. You must be creative and have a wide imagination on how to conceptualize a corporate logo. M there are some things that you will consider in creating a logo. Here are some hints on how to create concepts in creating a corporate logo.

  1. Simple but elegant. Most large companies and corporations have an simple and elegant logos. They did not require very beautiful and colourful logos the important is the concept and how it presents their company. Large companies like Epson, HP, Microsoft and others have very simple logos.

  2. Trademark and copyright.Put a trademark on your created logo. Most companies have their registered trademark added in their logo. Do not copy the logo of other companies. You can use their logos just for reference but do not create a logo near from their design.  Avoid that your clients will be confused on the logo. So create personal concept on your company or corporate logos.

  3. Colours.You must consider also the colours that you will use in your company logo. Most companies have a one to 3 colours only in their logo. But it is suggested to limit your company logo colour in one colour only. More colours were so confusing in the eye.  Bright colours also are good in the logo but you must consider that you will relate the logo colour in your products and services and in the companies usually used colours. For example if you are in line of water business the colour of your logo must blue.

  4. Related to company’s product and services.In creating a corporate logo you must also consider the products or line of business that the company carries. You can also add some products in your logo like if you are in line of fruits business you can put some fruits in the logo you will created.

These are only simple tips in creating a company and corporate logo. Hope that these simple tips will help you in creating your company’s logo. 

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