Laramie: The Sunday Shoot

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From season four, Laramie: The Sunday Shoot is very much a good episode to watch and a nice way to spend an hour.

There is a lot of drama in this show, but the humor is one of the aspects that I really enjoy in this specific episode.  It’s all about this picnic, bake sale, and shooting contest being held in Laramie.  Early on, both Jess and Slim make excuses to explain why they might not win the shoot.  Jess laments his sore shoulder, while Slim complains about a rope burn on his hand.  They both end up laughing.  It’s so lighthearted and joyful to watch.

Another favorite moment comes when two of the townsmen want Jess to judge whose cider is best.  Poor Jess has to down a lot of both offerings, and again, it’s fun to watch.

Part of the drama comes from two lovebirds who want to get married.  However, the gal’s father isn’t that taken with her choice, and the two need a stake to get started, if they do get married.  So, winning the shoot is extremely important to the young man.  Unfortunately, his main competition is a recent parolee who hasn’t reformed, and that creates not just drama, but danger.

John Smith and Robert Fuller star in this superb western series.  They had a great chemistry as partners and best friends.  There’s a moment here where Jess insists on checking on Slim’s hand with the rope burn.  It’s just sweet and cute as can be.

Burt Brinckerhoff is well suited to play Hobey Carson, the hopeful groom, while one of my favorites from the era, Jena Engstrom, does a very capable job as Nancy Tilford, the hopeful bride.  So often Jena’s roles are more serious in scope.  I really liked seeing her being able to smile more without a ton of excess baggage, so to speak.  It really added to the basic upbeat tone of The Sunday Shoot.

The villain of the piece, the aforementioned parolee, is played by Gregory Walcott, who is no stranger to the role of the bad guy.  He’s good, but I don’t particularly enjoy him in TV shows.  Also in the episode are Chris Alcaide, William Fawcett, Patricia Manning, and Dan White.

Semi-regular Stuart Randall has a sizable part as Sheriff Mort Corey.  Randall added a lot to the series as the sheriff.


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