Purina's Chef Michael's Canine Creations: Rotisserie Chicken Flavor

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There are so many food items on the shelf for pets, that it feels impossible to find a good one.  However, some trial and elimination and sometimes a bit of research can turn up a good one.  Purina has a line of products called Purina’s Chef Michael’s Canine Creations which is rather interesting.  The specific flavor that I’ll be addressing here is the Rotisserie Chicken Flavor.

Right off the bat I want to clarify that I have medium size dogs and for the most part, Canine Creations are for tiny dogs. However, PetSmart gave me a couple of free coupons, so I figured I might as well try it out.  Trust me, this was not given as a dinner but as a snack for my dogs.

The food comes in a small, silver can that has no adorning at all.  It’s a plain can with a red cap that you just pull off.  Then the can has a pull tab to release the food.  It’s very easy to open.

I have to say that I was surprised by the food.  It actually looked very good.  I was further surprised because I did really feel like I was giving my dogs a premium treat.  I’ve never seen canned dog food look so appetizing.

My dogs approved big time. I split it up between them and they had nice smiles and wagging tails in response to it.  With just 3 ounces of product, they looked like they wished it had been more.

Purina’s Chef Michael’s Canine Creations: Rotisserie Chicken Flavor comes not just with chicken, but with carrot and corn as garnishes.  My dogs have learned to really love carrots, which have been recommended by their vet for them to eat.  They really loved those little carrot bits that were included.

I found the product to look very appealing.  The chicken and garnishes were in a mild sauce, and what I liked about that is the sauce accentuated the food in the can, but didn’t overwhelm it.  It’s not like it was a soup or the can was weighted down by the sauce.

So, if I ever do get a tiny dog, I would seriously consider buying this food on a regular basis.


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