Cheap Memorial Weekend Events For Families

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Some families have discovered a very relaxing little secret. Staying home for Memorial Day weekend is actually much more relaxing than packing, traveling and sitting in traffic. Not to mention the loud, crowded campgrounds, lakes, beaches and resorts. Why not stay home. It’s quiet and relaxing and there is plenty to keep one occupied if they get creative.

Below are some ideas on how to have a fun Memorial Day holiday without spending any or very little money. You may use one of these ideas or incorporate several into your Memorial Day weekend event.

  • Backyard Campground Host:  Invite family or friends to campout in your backyard. Stoke up the charcoal grills, have a potluck picnic and let the cousins have fun playing while the adults sit and chat. Turn off the TV and rough it in the backyard if you have the space. Tenting is just as fun in your own yard and you save on fuel, campground fees and best of all–no traffic jams.

  • Bonfire/BBQ: A neighborhood BBQ and potluck is fun. Break out the weiners, soda pops and some of those really BIG marshmallows. Teach the kids how to whittle up some good roasting sticks and you’re ready to go.

  • Game Night: Dust off the board games and set up outdoors if the weather is good. A few cocktails, good food and great friends. That’s all you need to have a lot of fun. Best games to try: The Redneck Life (it’s a real hoot), Yahtzee (oldie, but favorite and can play with large groups), Guesstures, Scattergories or Outburst. The last three are great for adults or kids and can be played with big groups of people.

  • Day Drives: Take a road trip and don’t plan a destination. Just stop and see places of interest along the way. Or plan a destination and visit a nearby attraction that you’ve never made the time to go see before.

  • Hiking: Hiking trails can be found near most homes. Pack a lunch and maybe a good reading book. Sit on top a quiet hill and read while you enjoy the view.

  • Visit free local attractions. There are many free parks, beaches and wooded areas to explore. If you are into photography take your tripod and camera. A nice shutterbug day trip is just the thing to relax and get back to nature.

  • Fishing Derby: Many families love to fish. A fishing license for adults won’t set you back to much and will continue to entertain throughout the season. Find a local lake and host a fishing derby between friends and family. Give out simple prizes (candy for kids or fishing lures) as prizes for the longest and biggest fish caught. Make it an annual event. Take snapshots for the fishing derby album. Host the reward ceremony around a bonfire and campout at home. A nice end to a day of fishing.

  • Treasure Hunt: Go to a local beach, park or woods. You can hunt treasure just about anywhere, including the city. Have one adult go ahead or otherwise keep the participants busy until all clues and prizes are hidden. Use colored t-shirts, yarn or ribbon to designate teams. Keep at least one or two adults with children in each team or have families play against families. It is best to plan ahead for a treasure hunt so the maps give an accurate description or clue to the hidden clues and prizes. Make your prizes silly, fun and inexpensive. Provide ice cream or another snack to all participants.

  • Visit Relatives: We never seem to have enough time to visit family or longtime friends, especially the elderly. They can’t travel as much as they used to and thoroughly enjoy visits. You will still have travel expenses, but won’t have campground expenses to worry about.

  • Metal Detecting: Rent a metal detector and take a stroll to a local park, lake or other hot detecting location. Bring a shovel, pack a lunch and remember not to trespass and please fill in your holes. This is a really fun activity for kids and adults alike.

  • Gold Panning: Gold pans are fairly inexpensive. Buy a couple and try your hand at panning for gold. Who knows…you just might find a nugget to pay for your next vacation.

  • Sports Events: If you love baseball, softball, soccer, football or volleyball–host a 1 or 2-day sports event among neighbors, family and friends. Invite everyone to participate and have fun playing outdoors. Beach volleyball is great if you are near a beach.

  • Teach your children what Memorial Day is really about. Take a drive to a local cemetery and honor those who fought and died for our country’s freedom by cleaning gravestones and gracing them with flowers.

There are many ways to spend Memorial Day weekend and it doesn’t take a lot of money to have fun if a person can be a little creative. Have a fun, safe and cheap Memorial Day holiday.

COPYRIGHT © 2011 Cherie Kuranko ~ “InkSpot”

All Rights Reserved.


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