Apples For Treating Asthma

Asthma has become a really common health condition for people of all ages. One of the best natural treatments for treating and prevent asthma is an apple. Apples contains phenolic acids and flavoinoids help reduce the inflammation that causes asthma making it easier for a person to breathe freely and own their own without breathing treatments.

Asthma is a health condition that causes breathing difficulties in people of all sizes and ages. Many people use inhalers, oxygen, and breathing treatments to help reduce the an asthma attack or the amount of asthma attacks one usually has. However, these types of treatments prescribed by doctors don’t actually treat asthma attacks at all. Instead they just relief the breathing difficulties and the wheezing without curing or treating the real cause of the problem which is inflammation and tightening of the airways. Apples are an effective way to treat asthma because not only do they contain phenolic acids and flavoinoids which are antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in the body, but apples contain vitamin C which is another essential nutrients for relieving inflammation and simply keeping the lungs healthy and strong. Vitamin C also helps boost the immune system and keeps it health and strong that way when an asthma attack decides to occur they are less server.

Other nutrients apples contain that help treat and relieve asthma are vitamins E and A along with those potent carotene antioxidants. These nutrients help suck up all the free radical cells in the lungs and airways that cause the inflammation and asthma attacks in the first place. They also help keep the lungs very healthy and very strong so they can bring the best amount of oxygen into your body as they possibly can.

The best way to get the natural asthma treatment for apples is by eating them  as they are, drinking the apple juice, or eating apple sauce. It doesn’t matter how the apples get into your diet to help prevent and treat asthma just as long as they do each day. However, apples should not be used during an asthma attack because they will not stop one. They only help prevent them and make them less server. Regular inhalers and asthma treatment should be taken during and asthma attack and be followed by drinking some apple juice or eating an apple. Apples should be use along with asthma medication for people with server asthma to help make asthma asthma attacks less likely.

So remember to eat a few apples a day or drink some apple juice to help prevent asthma attacks from occurring or being so server. Remember to also eat the apples along with taking your asthma medication until you are otherwise told not to by your doctor. Apples can prevent asthma attacks and can effectively help treat asthma naturally. I wish all you asthma suffers out there the best of luck with preventing and relieving server asthma attacks.

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