How to Search Jobs in Philippines

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Philippines have many job openings for the newly fresh graduates and jobless. You only need patience and hardwork in order to land a good job. There are lot of ways on how to search a job in Philippines here are some ideas on how. It is not required but an advantage if you have a work experience and attended some seminars and trainings related to the work you want to apply.

Here are some ideas on how to find appropriate jobs for you:

1. Online job sites.Philippines have many job site and job posting sites online. Job sites like jobsDB, jobstreet, sulit, ayosdito and other websites have a lot of job postings that may suit to your classifications. You can send also your online resume on other jobsites.  Sending your resume on the employers may also help you to search a good job for you. But you must verify if the post ads is a reliable ads. You can call the employer if there is an available contact number before you came for an interviews. Searching online for jobs in some search engine can also help you. Here are some keywords that may help you, Jobs Philippines, Philippine Job Sites, Job Hiring Philippines, Philippines Job Openings, Jobs for Filipinos, jobs opening in Philippines.

2. Job fairs. Visiting job fairs also a can help you on finding jobs. There are lot of job fairs that conducted by the companies, non government organizations and government to help the jobless that want to land a good job. All you need is to be competitive to be on the top of other job applicants.

3. Walk in applicants. Searching a job as a walk-in applicant is also a good idea on finding jobs.

4. Reading newspapers and magazines job employment classifies ads. Read and seeks jobs on newspapers and magazines classified ads. Many large companies and corporations post their job hiring in newspapers and magazines classified ads.

5. Asking a friend and neighbors.  Ask your friends, relative and neighbors if they have know a jobs hiring companies on in the companies where they work. 

Hope this article helps you to land a job.


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