Chocolate Covered Almonds

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One of my favorite healthy chocolate nutty snacks to snack on is dark chocolate covered almonds. They provide me with energy and many health benefits such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, prevent heart disease and maintain a healthy body weight. Dark chocolate covered almonds are very easy to make and do not take a lot of time.

The ingredients you will need to make dark chocolate covered almonds are 4 cups of raw almonds and  5 cups of organic dark chocolate chips. You can always find these ingredients from your local health food store and grocery store. Try to get these ingredients in the most purest natural form possible because they will contain the most antioxidants and health benefits.

The way you make the dark chocolate covered almonds is by taking a small sauce pan and melting your dark chocolate chips down completely on low heat until you have a dark chocolate syrup like mixture. While the chocolate is melting take a large cookie sheet and line it with wax paper. Once the chocolate is melted complete dump your almonds into a large mixing bowl and pour the melted dark chocolate over them. Next simple begin coating the almonds with the melted dark chocolate by stiring them together with a spoon until each almond is completely coated with dark chocolate. After pour the dark chocolate covered almonds onto the wax paper covered cookie sheet and flatten them out as much as possible so the almonds are not all grouped together in large clumps. Once you have done those steps place the dark chocolate covered almonds into your freezer while they are on the cookie sheet and allow the dark chocolate to harden to them for about 5 to 10 minutes. After the dark chocolate has hardened to them you can remove them from the freeze and place them into a container with a lid until you are ready to snack on them for a healthy energizing snack.

Now in order to get the health benefits from the dark chocolate covered almonds you should eat a handful or ½ a cup of them a day. The almonds will provide your body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help your body maintain a healthy weight, lower your blood pressure and help keep your heart healthy and strong so you do not get heart disease. The dark chocolate helps lower stress and also helps promote healthy blood pressure by lowering high blood pressure. Therefore eating dark chocolate cover almonds makes it a healthy snack to help provide your body with energy and a healthy heart.

I hope those of you who make my dark chocolate covered almonds have an easy time making them and I hope you also enjoying eating them and receiving the health benefits from this snack. I wish you all the best of luck with maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure and heart.


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