No Body Knows The Exact Date of The Ending of The World

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It has been in the news, blogs and almost in all networking sites that the world will end on May 21,2011.  The time I wrote this is on May 19, 2011 two days before the day  predicted that the world will end. Acutally, I don’t believe this thing because I am a firm believer of the Bible and what the Bible says about the end of time. No body knows about the exact date and time when the world will end.Nobody knows the exact date of the coming of Jesus to take all the redeemed to heaven. It has been a long, long time ago when William Miller predicted that Jesus will come and that will be the end of the world. That was Oct. 22,1844 and itt was called the great disappointment day because all who were waiting for the ending of the world and the coming of Jesus were disappointed. The world did not end and Jesus did not come. Until now we are still waiting for the ending of the world and the coming of Jesus. No body knows the exact date of Jesus coming.

The only thing we are sure is that we are now in the end of time, very close to the end  but we don’t know the exact date and hour. We have seen all the horrible things happening every now and then in just a span of weeks. Calamities, wars, political turmoil, crisis, people are lovers of pleasures, they love themselves more than anything, people are mean to each other, killing each other and more. These are all the signs that the end is near but no specific date when will it be. There are things that are yet to come before the end of the world. If you will just read your Bibles, you will know about the things that are yet to happen and when these things will happen, in a short time the world will end and Jesus will come.

The book of Revelation has lots to say about the end of time. In order for us to know and to be prepared, we should read the prophecy in that book. There are things that don’t happen yet which  are written in the book of Revelation. If we will be aware of these then, we will never be deceived of believing the untrue.  Lots of false prophets will come out in the end times but if we are deeply rooted with the word of God, we will not be deceived.

The world will not end on May 21, 2011 as what other people believed. The world will surely end but no body knows when except the God of heaven. We should read our Bibles to find out the truth of all the things that are happening around us.


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