Fudgsicle Ice Cream Bars by Popsicle

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Even with all of the advances and changes in ice cream options through the decades, I believe that Popsicles are a stable of every kid’s growing up.  Goodness knows that when I was a child, I had Popsicles all the times, in all kinds of incarnations and varieties. As a chocolate lover, though, my favorite was by far the Fudgsicle Ice Cream Bar.

Back in the day, Fudgsicle Ice Cream Bars were delicious and refreshing.  They didn’t cost that much, but then neither did anything else.  This chocolate fun made kids happy with taste and parents happy because it was satisfying and didn’t cost that much.

Today, times have changed and while Popsicle’s Fudgsicles are still a cool dessert or snack during those hot days of spring and summer, they have also gotten a lot smaller.  In fact, whereas they used to last a while, now they are gone in a very short span of time.  Fudgsicles were long and thick.  You could lick and lick on them, getting every morsel of chocolate coolness.  Now, they are gone.  For an adult, I’d say they are about four bites.

Add that to the fact that pricing has skyrocketed, and the once economical treat has actually put itself out of the market.  Because they don’t last, I won’t buy them anymore unless they are on sale, and when I say on sale, I mean a really good price.  Otherwise, it’s just not worth it.

Fudgsicles are now offered in two types of ice cream bars.  There is a longer bar (that’s the four bite one at 40 calories each) and then there is a shorter bar that is like two single bars joined together (100 calories per bar).  That one lasts a little bit longer and is probably the best buy overall.

It is sad to me that I can’t enjoy these as much as I did as a youth, but the truth is that there is no substance to these bars anymore.  I end up working very hard to make them last more than a minute.  They still taste good, even with the changes to make them more up to date with today’s calorie conscious purchasers.


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