Bitter Orange For Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight to better your health can be very difficult because there are so many different diets out there that simply don’t work and many of us even though we say we are going to workout don’t. However, there is a natural herbal remedy out there that can help you lose some weight while you are eating right. The herb is called bitter orange.

Bitter orange comes from a citrus tree’s fruit. It has a strong orange smell and bitter orange taste to it. The reason it can help with weight loss is because it contains metabolites in it that helps suppress your appetite so you are not constantly eating all the time or eyeballing that junk food your sweet tooth is craving. The metabolites in bitter orange also help burn fat in the body by heating it up just like it would be if you were working out and burning fat, but with out the exercise. I still simply believe working out is the best way to control the appetite and lose weight healthily and effectively.

However, before taking bitter orange to help you lose weight naturally and effectively it is wise to ask your doctor if this herb is right and safe for you to take. Bitter orange does have serve side effects if it is taken properly such as heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, blackouts, and rapid heat beat. The reason this herbal remedy causes these side effects is because it contains a chemical in it called synephrine which is what speeds up your heart rate as if you were working out your body physically doing exercises, but it can be slightly faster and can cause you to become breathless. This begin said if bitter orange is taken properly for short period of time it can be safe and effective for helping you lose weight naturally. Just ask your doctor the proper dosage you should be taken to help you lose the weight safely with this herb.

Now the different forms bitter orange can come in are supplements, oils, capsules, tablets, juice, and simple by eating the bitter orange fruits or peels. Sometimes the leaves from the bitter orange tree are dried out and used to make a bitter orange tea to sip on when a person is feeling hunger and needs to prevent from munching on unhealthy snacks filled with fats, sugars, salt, and preservatives. Either form of bitter orange you take should help you lose some weight naturally. However, the orange oil is more for the skin. The best time to take bitter orange is with a meal such as breakfast or dinner. I wouldn’t take this herbal remedy several times a day, but a couple should be more than enough.

I do hope this information can help those of you out there lose some weight naturally with bitter orange. Just remember to use it wisely and talk to your doctor before taking

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