Looking For The Correct Size Grease Trap For My Industrial Kitchen

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A business using an industrial kitchen must have the correct size of a grease trap. Regulations for every community, state and city, require that grease traps are used to avoid fats, oils and grease from obstructing sewer amenities. Correct measurement must be ensured to select the accurate proportions and dimensions of grease traps for a kitchen.

Locate the place of every sink being expended for cleaning pieces of equipment, cookware and tableware. In industrial kitchens more than likely you will locate a three basin sink. The measurements of each sink should be totaled. Multiply the lengths of this sum times the widths of this sum times the height (L x W x H).

This number should be multiplied by .003. This number will advise how many gallons per minute (GPM) all your basins have the capability of moving. This particular number is how to size grease traps.

There is some additional information that may assist you with finding and maintaining the right size grease trap.

If the GPM number you receive after calculating is odd, round up to the next even number for the size of grease trap. You will be better off having additional grease waste removed from the sewer than not.

Installation is usually performed by the same companies that manufacture grease traps. Many will also supply repairs. Verify if you can receive a discount for having a company supply all three for your business.

Compare different prices and select the best for your business. Costs can vary from supplier to supplier.

For an entrepreneur just starting a business it may be difficult to know when to set a regular schedule for washing the grease trap. Clarify this with your trap retailer as the company to estimate what the scheduled maintenance should be for a restaurant of your grease trap size. Attempt to follow their recommendation and make changes if needed.

Don’t be cheap concerning trap upkeep. Run over of grease trap is not simply unhygienic, unhealthy and contaminated but it is more than unpleasant for your businesses customers and staff.

This information can be used for novices beginning their restaurant business concerning determining what size grease trap you need in addition to choosing a company and maintenance for the traps.


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