How to Attract Customers to Your Company at a Trade Show Exhibit

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If you are looking to have a prosperous trade show exhibit, do something other than simply waiting for customers to walk up and purchase something. The average trade show has in excess of 400 companies and the average visitor reviews approximately 21 exhibits say the experts at Skyline Exhibits. You must do all you can to be a magnet for probable buyers to your exhibit.

You can entice customers to your trade show exhibit by offering a prize wheel or free giveaways of pencils, pens or sticky notes with your company logo. Your prize wheel or give away of free prizes is very popular at trade show exhibits. Experiences from past shows have indicated that customers will line up and wait for free giveaways. You can even give away free products from the company.

Demonstrations that are live have the effect of drawing customers from other trade show exhibits to your attention. If your company’s product is difficult to demonstrate live, for example, you have a balloon riding company, you can show a video demonstration on a television set or the monitor of a computer. The monitor may not attract as many as a live demo, but it can help would be customers visualize your product.

Giveaways have always attracted people. If you are electing to use this approach, try to make certain it is something that people would like. If you are giving away tickets to a museum, this won’t work if your goal audience is men aged 17 to 25; this may not work to draw them in. By providing a product your company produces or manufacturers, you can actually draw in customers that are sincerely showing an attraction to your company at the trade show exhibit.

Edibles have been for all time a great draw. A lot of companies at the trade show exhibit use candy and other sweets. Because many of the distributors use this similar routine, make your company stand out. At this time many people are into health and fitness, give away healthy snacks such as yogurt bars, granola bars or fruit. Of course if you’re a coffee company or espresso machines are what you manufacture that may be what you give samples of.

Keep all of these in mind when planning how you can bring customers in for the trade show exhibit to your company. Reel those customers in and hang on to them.


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