When to Choose an Lcd or an Hdtv

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The LCD televisions are normally found in small sizes and somehow they are thinner than normal televisions, they are also lighter. The LCD is gaining importance in the television production and television sets.

But LCD television blocks the power while only around 10 % of the power which was produced reaches the viewer. The power is lost along the filters in the polarized rear; more still is lost in the filters that filter the colors. The sub-pixels also reduce a good amount of power while the rest is again absorbed in the shutters. This makes it use more power as compared to the normal television to enhance the backlighting system. Manufactures can use the process which is called dynamic lighting which reduces light in the darker areas but the problem is that this type of process is good for some pictures and not for others.

The current LCD researchers are trying to see what they can do about this problem. The overall displayed image is of low quality with a low refreshing rate; so the need to incorporate higher resolution in much larger screen has become the concern of the researchers and the manufacturers of LCD televisions.

In trying to address this problem, they come up with high resolution televisions which had been able to stand on the same footing with the plasma television which were enjoying the preference because of better pictures but had suffered because of the high prices. So LCD gained the market because it was easier to cover for the low income market and the higher income market. But the Nitrogen Trifluoride gas use in the production of the LCD sets is feared to be contributing to global warming.

The manufactures have become more concerned about producing the best pictures since the introduction of HDTV. If a set is not a HDTV ready television, one should get a compatible cable, or other compatible components to use.

The HDTV has the capacity of recording some programs while others are viewed. Those recorded programs can be viewed at a later time. But some HD decoder boxes may come with an encrypted reader known as 5C which can hinder the normal transmission by limiting the copies one can get from some content.

The HDTV is used because some gas produced screens can suffer burn in them if they are used where a picture remains for a long time on the LCD screen and burns in!


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