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HDTV can easily create confusion among users who do not have a wide knowledge about televisions because of different terms which are being used in the field. HDTV offers a good picture and sound than the normal televisions but is uses only digital signals so it can not receive the analog signals. This means in order to use your HDTV there must be a source of digital signal, the receiver of digital signal and the digital television set to display the contents.

You can buy a HDTV ready set which can still be used by the analog signals but before buying an antenna you have to remember that the power of the antenna depends on the distance from the source of the signals. The HDTV set needs special cable and special antenna so before you buy them, make sure that what you are buying something to work together with the HDTV television sets.

Before buying your HDTV set, you must consider among other things the benefits you need from the television you want to buy. Different television sets offer different benefits. The television may be used for home viewing or for different set up where a bigger screen may be needed.

The digital HDTV was first used in the United States, to cover the return of an astronaut and it was received in public centers where special equipment had already been put in place to receive the signals. Even if digital broadcasting had been introduced in Europe in the year 1990, it had not been fully utilized until the beginning of 2004. The UK developed a Freeview system which transmitted the digital signals to the terrestrial televisions using a switchover digital system.

In India,the digital transmission system has just been introduced, but it is transmitted according to different dish providers.

The HDTVs are known mostly for their frame pixel capacity, their scanning capacity and their frame rate capacity. So before buying any HDTV set one should make sure that the three features are according to his needs. And these features can be displayed with the product name but often one of the features is not displayed so one can inquire from the seller if something is not clear. The color in the HDTV television sets uses different bits to put out the best pictures so it is still not clear how the HDTV can use less bits to put out the best pictures!


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